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[edit] Ideology

The Socialist party's ideology, in essence, is "From those with the means to those with the needs". They advocate freedom from poverty, disease, ignorance and intolerance, and many other freedoms, although due to recent inactivity in the party the manifesto is out of date and so some of these policies may not be actively followed any more.

Other Socialist policy ideas have included free healthcare for all, secular government, the abolition of "stealth taxes" with money instead being raised through taxes on income, health, private transport and the environment, and the nationalisation of important industries. They also first came up with the idea of the Information Ministry and were instrumental in its formation.

[edit] History

The Socialist Party was set up in December 2005 by Happy Death, and grew to be a comparatively large party rather quickly. Prominent early members included Happy Death, Laky, and Venchov of Xanthorn. However, in the next few months many early members retired, and Mercuror became Party Chairman, with Timberlake becoming Vice Chairman. These two members were also inactive for a short period of time, during which Random Textbox Inputs became a prominent member of the party, engaging in political discussion across the board. The Socialist party aligned themselves with the Moderates in the upcoming elections after seeing that they didn't have much chance of election, and Mercuror, Timberlake and RTI were appointed as Cabinet ministers, showing the Socialists as an important part of the region.

During the next two months, the Socialist party gained a lot of members and continued to be one of the most influential voices in the region, leading to Random Textbox Inputs being elected Prime Minister in a landslide victory in what was described as "the most boring election in history" due to the lack of campaigning on both sides. Unfortunately, Mercuror became inactive around this time, and elections were held for leadership of the party, with RTI being elected leader by a narrow margin.

Since then, the membership of the Socialist party has dwindled, with only a few members remaining. This can be blamed on the lack of campaigning, the inactivity in the party, the fact that their manifesto hasn't been updated in ages, and the rise of libertarianism in the region.

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